Julio Franco, 1991 Studio

Name: Julio Franco
Team: Texas Rangers
Position: Second base
Value of card: You can't put a price on love
Key 1990 stat: Two hearts, believing in just one mind
An affair to remember: Theirs was a love that knew no bounds. Players, coaches and the media said it would never last. But the passion shared between Julio Franco, a hard-hitting second baseman, and Genuine Louisville Slugger, a wooden baseball bat, was everlasting. They spent countless nights melting into each other's warm embrace. They whispered sweet nothings into each other's ears and splinters. They cried and laughed, and made love with reckless abandon. Then fate came calling. "It was a Thursday," Franco recalls. "A Thursday I will never forget." The tracks of his tears glisten as he looks away. "She ... she was my darling stick. I had never met an inanimate object like her. She made me the man I always thought I could ... " Franco trails off, reliving, as he does every day, what happened Aug. 15, 1992, against the Seattle Mariners. In the fifth inning of a 2-0 game, Franco stepped in against Erik Hanson. The count was 3-1. The crowd was silent. Then, hearts were ripped apart. Franco hit a slow ground ball to shortstop, and shards of Genuine Louisville Slugger shot out across the field. Franco fell to his knees, then, with tears spilling down his face, walked around the infield, picking up his lover's pieces, one by one. "She was my whole world. And in one moment, she was no more," he says. "Part of me died that day." Franco never hit again.



  1. Did his ensuing R&B career with LeVert do anything to ease the pain in his heart?

  2. i guess the secret to his 100 year baseball career is the sweet ass fade