Dennis Eckersley, 1994 Fleer Ultra Firemen

Name: Dennis Eckersley
Team: Oakland A's
Positions: Closer, Fireman
Value of card: Too hot to judge
Key 1993 stat: 67 runners hosed at plate
Too much heat for one card: You may have noticed there's a giant fire engine behind Dennis Eckersley. Why? Well, in baseball jargon of yesteryear, a team's closer was called a "fireman" by approximately 14 people in the United States, including a White Sox announcer, an executive at Fleer and a guy named Frank from Brooklyn. But forget that bit of engine trivia. This card is full of useful tidbits you can share with friends. Some examples: Who's the perfect closer to be identified as a 1980s-era "fireman"? Why, Eck, of course. In the '80s, it was required by law in 39 states that every fireman had to sport a thick mustache. Eck, as you can see, is showing off a beaut'. Another: What was the required hairstyle for a closer in 1994? Obviously, the answer is mullet, and Eck's hairdo trumps notable coifs from closers Jeff Montgomery, Mitch Williams and Rod Beck. And, finally, what do you do when you're handed an octopus instead of a rosin bag on the mound? Well, if you're Eck, you stuff it down your pants, as evidenced by the disturbing bulge that nearly obscures the 40-foot-long fire engine.


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  1. It's a little-known fact that Eck used his mullet to distract batters on the mound. "All right, I know I'm going to get the heat, here comes the ... OH MY GOD, WHAT'S THAT ON HIS HEAD ... aw crap, strike three."